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My Friend

    At age 53, I find myself looking back at the surroundings of where and who I grew up with so very long ago.  The kids in my neighborhood on Ocean Street in Lanesboro, Mass and where they all are now.  Are they all still in the area?  Married?  Have Children?  This is a question I may never know, except for one very dear friend, Anne V..
    Having been hit with a severe dose of nostalgia, I placed an 8 day ad in the Berkshire Eagle newspaper as I decided to find one of the dearest friends I knew.  To my surprise, the ad only ran one day and Ann sent me an Email that same evening telling me she was informed I was looking for her.  Talk about one of the most exciting moments in my life, I could even hear her voice again in my mind as I read her reply.
    By the way, all photo's were taken in June 2002.

No, I don't have false teeth!

Arthur;  What a blast from the past!!  I hope this reaches you, I live in ***** now, 20 miles west of ********, I'm remarried to a great guy ****** ******. My two sons are ****** (23) and ****** (20).   So my dear friend where are you?   My sister ****** still lives in Lanesboro near **********, I don't go there to often. Oh, Please write, I hope I have the right e-mail address for you.  I haven't heard anything from you since you were ***** ***** ***** ****** *******.  Thanks For going to all the trouble of finding me.
WOW this is great!!!! Write back PLEASE.  As Always, Annie


    To say the least, Ann’s e-mail was the most welcome item I could have received and it arrived on my birthday to boot!  Talk about the nicest birthday present one could receive.


    My parents both passed away in the 1990's. Have two sisters, Carole and Ciss (Wilma), both divorced and one brother, John. Carole still lives in Pittsfield Mass, Ciss now lives in Groton, Conn. And John lives with his wife Terrie and step son Danny in Deepwater, MO. As for me, I am now in Loomis, CA, over 3,500 miles from the place I called home.
     Life is too short and if all goes as planned, I will be retiring in four (4) more years, or at least a semi retirement. There are too many things to do and see of which are still left undone and if I donít start while I am still in good health, I may never get a chance. Most likely, the first thing I will probably do is head back to Ocean Street where I grew up to see how many old friends still live in the area. Getting back into backpacking, I would like to spend nearly an entire summer backpacking the Pacific Crest Trail. Then heading out on short trips to see and photograph places like Yellowstone National Park, head underground into the depths of Carlsbad Caverns and so many other things of interest.





     This past rummer, my son Brad and I headed out on two backpacking trips. The first was to the Marble Mountains Wilderness Area in the North / West mountain range, just West of Mount Shasta. The second trip was to the Lassen National Park and Wilderness Area about 180 miles North / East of Sacramento, CA. and about 200 miles driving distance from Loomis. On one of our trips, Brad and I broke out our cameras and snapped some shots of each other as well as some scenery. Let me tell you, there is nothing any worse then what one looks like after a week in the wilderness, sleeping on hard ground, restless nights of broken sleep, physical exhaustion and being just down right dirty.
    If you dare, click on the photo links of Brad and myself for a cultural shock. One additional note, the loose clothing and straps of the backpack makes it look like I am much heavier then I actually am.

Art #1 Just out of sleeping bag.    Art #2 A week on the trail.    Brad A week on the trail.
Horseshoe Lake, Lassen.

    Will add additional photo's of Brad & Gabrielle within the week.