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Observation Report
Roseville, Saturday, July 19, 2001

by: Mike Conley

Sky appeared clear with much twinkling. Faintest star observed through telescope mag 11.7

New objects for me Old objects being observed for reference value.

Equipment XT8 Orion (8" F/6 Dobsonian)
EP's 21mm 85* fov Siebert, 32mm Plossel with UHC and 25mm Plossel with O-III
The 21mm provided a better view without filter than the Plossels but since the Plossels were available, threaded for filters, they came in very handy providing a good view with the filters and allowing me to switch back and forth very quickly.

Charts Starry Night Pro (SNP) software on laptop

Since I got the O-III and UHC filters I would HIGHLY recommend them for anyone observing in the light polluted skies of the city. If I had to choose one over the other I would definitely choose the O-III for city viewing however dark skies may be another story.

Mars Seeing prevented observing any detail

M8 Lagoon Nebula (Cluster with Nebula) Mag 5.0, distance 6,500 ly
    *    Almost no nebulosity using 21mm EP without filter
    *    2 Clouds visible with separation using 32mm with UHC
    *    2 Clouds and faint 3rd cloud using 25mm with O-III

NGC6595 (Open Cluster) Mag 7.0, distance not listed
    *    Faint fuzzy with no detail

NGC6589 (description not listed) Mag not listed
    *    No Nebulosity with any EP

IC1284 (Diffuse Nebula) Mag not listed
    *    No Nebulosity with any EP

TYC6269-4010-1 Mag 6.78, distance 340 ly

TYC6269-4009-1 Mag 7.75, distance 553 ly
At first I thought this was a double since they were about 10" apart but SNP labels them as singles possibly because they are actually 213 ly apart.

M24 Delle Caustiche (Cluster with Nebula) Mag 11.50, distance 10,000 ly
    *    Slight nebulosity with 25mm/O-III and 32mm/UHC

M18 (Open Cluster) Mag 8.0, distance 6,000 ly
    *    Not very bright with light pollution

NGC6596/IC4701 (Open Cluster/Diffuse Nebula) Mag not listed
    *    Not very bright with light pollution

M17 - Swan Nebula (Cluster with Nebula)Mag 7.0, distance 5,000 ly
    *    Faint almost swan with 21mm no filter
    *    Definite swan with O-III and UHC

NGC6604 (Cluster with Nebulosity)
    *    Very faint nebula with O-III and UHC

Threshold check with TYC5685-3140-1 Mag 11.31 barely visible in 21mm

Clear Skies,

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