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Art's Starfinder Modifications Page
Loomis, California

Would first like to explain that the modifications I have made and am recommending are "NOT CHEAP" as I am only recommending "QUALITY" replacement upgrade parts available from retail sources. If you are looking for a cheap solution, like making a focuser with PVC pipe and a section of a chromed drain pipe, you have come to the wrong place.

     Although my son, Brad, and I presently own a Meade ETX-125EC and Meade 16" Starfinder on a Dobsonian Base, I will only be covering the modifications made to the 16" Starfinder. Which, by the way, is my second 16" Starfinder telescope. Below are the areas I have made modifications to the Starfinder with photo's and modification descriptions. We only hope these modifications will assist you with your Starfinder Dobsonian or Equatorial Reflecting Telescope: 6", 8", 10", 12.5" and 16".

     In all cases, I attempt to use only readably available parts for making modifications and at the lowest possible cost. However, when "upgrading parts," it is necessary to purchase only quality accessories and sometimes these are somewhat expensive.

Remember, you are buying a “QUALITY TELESCOPE,” not an accessory package.
Your total cost for all modifications and upgrades will be about $500.00.

You can save about $150.00 if you use "CHEAPER" upgrade components.
However, I do not recommend it.

Other items ordered & installed are,
ProtoStar diagonal mount assembly, (spider) for $175.00!
This time, I have added a Magellan I Computer System to my new scope for $299.00 from Meade Corp..

Recommended Modifications and Upgrades